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In their comfortable 4x4 safari Landcruisers Danny BIZIMANA and his team of Kigali-based experienced local guides will take you on a wonderful discovery tour of Rwanda, home to the mountain gorillas.

They will organize the perfect tailor-made itinerary for you, including gorilla treks, nature/leisure and culture activities, hotel bookings, airport transfers, gorilla tracking and other permits etc...


Rwanda, little landlocked country with gorgeous rolling landscapes in the middle of Africa, is one of the few places left where you will be able to take a not too strenuous trek to see the rare mountain gorillas in the wild.
Mountain gorillas are an endangered species only found in DRC, Rwanda and Uganda.
In Rwanda, the mountain gorillas, peaceful giants so close to man (they share 97% of our genes!) live on the slopes of the Virunga volcanoes, in the Parc National des Volcans.
Diane Fossey , the famous American primatologist spent several years studying and protecting the mountain gorillas in Rwanda and the movie "Gorillas in the mist" was actually shot in northern Rwanda a few years after her mysterious death.
In 1994, horror swept through Rwanda and its name became synonymous with genocide, but nowadays the country has made its way back to peace and stability, and has become a worthwhile ecotourism destination: you will, of course, not only discover the famous and unforgettable mountain gorillas (with or without the mist), but also the magnificent savannah and fauna of the Akagera National Park, the pleasant shores of lake Kivu, the montane forest of Nyungwe with very its special fauna and flora and lots lots  more….

Due to its altitude and equatorial location, Rwanda's climate is mild and ideal for tourism all year round. Temperatures rarely reach above 30°C during the daytime, and don't get lower than 15°C at night (except in the volcano area where the gorillas are to be found). The driest months are June, July, August and September, while February, March, April and May are wetter. The mountain gorillas can be visited at any time during the year.
In the rainy season, the gorilla trekking can be wet and muddy, but often not too lengthy: the gorillas tend to be found lower down the volcano slopes, as there is plenty of food available for them everywhere.
In the drier months, the trekking is usually easier but the gorillas, always looking for their favourite meal, can be further away, so it may take longer to reach them.
Depending on the family of gorillas you are assigned to and their location in the park at the time
(there are 7 groups of “habituated” gorillas which can be visited), the tracking can take anywhere from 45 minutes to 3 or 4 hours each way.
Gorilla sightings, though not formally guaranteed, are extremely likely in all cases. Gorilla permits cost $1500 per person per day and should be applied for well in advance, especially if you plan on travelling during the high tourist season (July and August or over the Christmas holidays).


“An encounter with Rwanda's mountain gorillas is a truly special experience!”